Carbide Burs Dental, 26mm Surgical Length, Round


Dental Burs

Made to endure high temperatures and dental procedures, these round tungsten carbide dental burs are tough, durable additions to any dental practice. Built for high-speed friction grip handpieces. Surgical length burs provide greater visibility during extractions, root canals, and other oral procedures. The high-quality material makes them suitable for smooth finish cutting work related to cavity preparation, metal filling removal, and bone shaping. Can also be used to create access points, undercuts, or channels for luxator blades in extraction.

Product Features:

  • Made from high-quality carbide, stands well against wear and tear, chipping, and breakage.
  • FG Friction Grip - High Speed


Quantity 100/Pack
Size Multiple Available
Material Carbide
Shape Round
Shank Type Friction Grip

Additional Information:

Looking for a top-quality carbide bur for your dental needs? Look no further than our 26mm surgical length, round carbide bur! Made from top-quality materials, this bur is perfect for a variety of dental procedures.

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What are the 3 uses of surgical burs?

  • Cavity Prep
  • Cutting Bone and Endo Access
  • Soft Tissue Trimming

What is a Luxator?

A luxator is a dental instrument with a knife on the end that’s designed to cut fibers and loosen ligaments before the process of extracting teeth begins.

How long are surgical length burs?

Surgical length Carbide Burs Dental are roughly 20-50% longer than regular length burs – helps with visibility during procedures.

What are carbide burs used for in dentistry?

Carbide Burs Dental are used to cut and chip away at the tooth structure – leaving a smooth finish – to aid in oral procedures.

What are inverted cone burs used for?

Inverted cone dental burs are used for making undercuts in crown preparation and restorations.

What is a Dental Bur ISO?

A global ISO (Internation Organization of Standardization) numbering system was implemented to build consistency among dental bur manufacturers. The ISO code includes a 15-digit number that’s broken down into 5 3-digit segments (head diameter, grit, shape, material, shank and length).

How are dental burs classified?

Burs are classified based on the bur head shape, grit size, type and diameter of the bur shank, the material of the dental bur, and the maximum head diameter.

What are the most common types of dental burs and their uses?

  • Pear-shaped – cavity preparation
  • Inverted-cone – undercuts
  • Conical – chamfering
  • Wheel – occlusal shapes and deep cuts
  • Flame-shaped – contouring, and shaping
  • Bell-shaped – cutting, grinding, and removing tissues

What’s the difference between a diamond bur and carbide burs dental?

  • Diamond burs grind teeth down, whereas carbide burs chip away at teeth
  • Diamond burs create a rough surface and carbide burs leave a smooth surface
  • Carbide burs are able to withstand higher temperatures
  • Carbide burs are made of tungsten carbide (3x stronger than steel)
  • Carbide burs can cut through metal

Are tungsten carbide burs single use?

Dental burs are available as either single-use or multi-use. If purchasing multi-use be sure to properly sterilize the burs between uses.

What is the length of a 245 bur?

The head length of a 245 bur is 2.9mm.