Dukal Xeroform Gauze Petrolatum Dressing

Dukal Xeroform Gauze Petrolatum Dressing
Dukal Xeroform Gauze Petrolatum Dressing
Dukal Xeroform Gauze Petrolatum Dressing

Dukal Xeroform Gauze Petrolatum Dressing

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Dukal Xeroform Petrolatum Gauze Dressing

Xeroform Gauze Petrolatum Dressing clings and conforms to all body contours without sticking to the wound. Provides soothing non-adherent protection with more convenience and less mess. Includes a special deodorizing agent – 3% bismuth tribomophenate.

Non-toxic, non-sensitive, and non-irritating. An oil-resistant paper wrap folded over the dressing protects it within the peel-open foil-lined pouch and greatly simplifies handling. Whether using forceps or gloved hands, the xeroform gauze dressing is easily taken out of its package without sticking or pad distortion.

The folded edges of the inner wrap pull neatly away from the dressing with minimum adherence. The xeroform gauze dressings are useful as an initial layer in surgical dressings and on skin graft sites, for soothing treatment of first-degree burns and abrasions, and as wound packing.

Xeroform Petrolatum Gauze Dressing Overwrap Faqs FAQs

Can you put Xeroform on an open wound?

Yes, Xeroform can go on open wounds. They are popular for their ability to keep skin grafts and open wounds moist.

Is Xeroform an antibiotic?

Xeroform is not an antibiotic, but it does have bismuth tribromophenate (BTP) in it, which is antimicrobial and inhibits bacterial growth.

What is a Xeroform dressing used for?

Xeroform Occlusive Gauze strips are used as a primary dressing on wounds to keep the environment moist and pathogen-free.

What is an occlusive dressing used for?

Occlusive dressings are those used most often at the onset of a wound to protect it from pathogens and prevent initial blood loss.

What is an occlusive gauze strip used for?

Occlusive dressings are used for immediate hygiene control (bacteria prevention) and blood loss on wounds.

What is xeroform used for?

Xeroform is used to protect donor sites, burns, and other low-exuding(minimal fluid) wounds.

When to stop using Xeroform?

Xeroform can stop being used when either your skin has healed, or your doctor tells you to stop.

Where to buy Xeroform occlusive gauze strip?

Xeroform occlusive gauze strips can be bought at both online and brick-and-mortar medical supply stores.



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