bttn’s Top Online Dermatology Products

bttn’s Top Online Dermatology Products

Check out the top products from bttn’s dermatology supply store and discover new favorites for your skin care business or dermatology medical practice. Procuring high-quality dermatology products online has never been easier!

Biopsy Punches

biopsy punch from dermatology supply store

The Integra Miltex Standard Biopsy Punch is a sterile, disposable punch that comes in a variety of sizes and unit amounts. Despite being single-use, this high-quality biopsy punch still has a sturdy feel that features stainless steel edges that are flawlessly sharp for successful biopsies. 

Check out Integra’s Miltex Disposable Standard Biopsy Punch with Plunger System for another great biopsy punch that features comfortable ribbed handles, perfect for collecting tissue samples for skin cancer checks.

Hydrocortisone Cream 

hydrocortisone dermatology products online

Dynarex’s hydrocortisone cream packets are ideal for both homecare and healthcare environments. Each contains 0.9g of 1% hydrocortisone cream, great for treating skin irritation issues like eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis in a healthcare practice or for quickly addressing itching from bug bites and rashes at home. 

1ml Syringe with Luer Slip Tip 

1ml syringe

These single-use sterile Injekt 1ml Syringes with Luer Slip Tip from B Braun feature a slip fit design for quick needle change-off, and the displacement spike reduces the risk of medicine loss. This syringe provides a comfortable injection for the patient as well as the physician. 

Sheer Spot Bandages 

circle bandage

For a discreet bandage for healthcare practice or home-use, check out the Curity Sheer Spot bandages from Cardinal Health. This simple but essential medical supply product is inexpensive, effective and comfortable. 

Hypodermic Needle with Luer Lock 

hypodermic needles

For a high-quality general use needle that’s available in a variety of wall types, lengths, gauges and bevel types, the BD PrecisionGlide Hypodermic Needle with Luer Lock can’t be beat. Compatible with any Luer Lock tip, these needles are stainless steel, sterile and disposable.

Adhesive Skin Closures 

adhesive skin closures for dermatology

For a breathable and comfortable adhesive strip closure, the Steri-Strip Adhesive Skin Closure from 3M is an industry favorite. This is an inexpensive option compared with tissue adhesives or sutures, and are a great option for patients after staple or suture removal. Procure this easy-to-use and non-invasive product for your practice or office today. 

Epifoam Pads

epifoam pad

Epifoam Pads from Biodermis are made from medical grade polyurethane foam that is coated in silicon for post-op compression. The use of a gel silicone adhesive is gentle compared to traditionally adherent foam dressings, so patients recover in comfort while reducing bruises and swelling. 

Cotton Balls

cotton balls

Last but not least of bttn’s top dermatology products online is TIDI’s non-sterile cotton balls. Simple, reliable and high-quality, these cotton balls are uniform and are created with maximum absorbency in mind. Grab a case for home-use or your medical practice today. 

bttn Is Your Dermatology Supply Store Resource

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If you’re looking to save time, energy, and money on dermatology products online, choose bttn’s dermatology supply collection. With high-quality products, consistent customer service, reasonable prices and free shipping, bttn can transform the way you procure dermatology products. Contact a customer service representative for help meeting your medical supply needs, or order online today. 



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