13 Essential Summer Camp Safety Supplies

13 Essential Summer Camp Safety Supplies

There are roughly 15,000 summer camps serving 26 million youth in the United States alone each year.

In 2019, the summer camp (youth and adult) industry in the United States reached a market size of $3.91 billion. Even with a slight decrease over the last two years due to COVID-19, there is no denying summer camp is popular. Whether sending the kids to day camp while working full-time or enrolling campers in a program to learn social skills, resiliency, and camaraderie in a non-school setting, it seems there is a camp for everyone.

Your job as a camp director, counselor, or nurse is to keep fun at the forefront of the campers' experiences – while also keeping safety close behind. Camp safety isn’t just about having emergency protocols down. It’s also about having the proper medical equipment at nurse stations and in first aid kits to patch up scrapes, manage bug bites, and supply feminine hygiene products.

Don’t waste your time worrying about whether you have enough supplies to last through the term. Order personal care supplies in bulk beforehand and keep your focus on enriching camper’s lives with outdoor activities, not counting toilet paper rolls and bandaids.

Here’s a breakdown of the 13 most essential medical supplies you need for your summer camp first aid kit and nurse stations.

Medical Supplies

Odds are high if you bring a group of kids together that someone is bound to end up hurt. But as the saying goes, prior preparation prevents poor performance. Now is the time to stock up on the medical supplies to treat anything from the results of an errant arrow to a macrame project gone wrong!

Benedryl Itch Cream

Benedryl Itch Cream 

For camps involving the outdoors, prolonged sun exposure, bug bites, and poisonous greenery are as much a part of camp as camp songs. While there are ways to reduce exposure (wear sun clothing) and teach avoidance of certain leaf shapes/colors, sometimes skin itches and needs relief. In as little as 15 minutes, help relieve pain from bug bites, sunburn, scrapes, skin irritation, and poison ivy rashes by using Benedryl Itch Cream.

Temporal Contact Thermometer

Temporal Contact Thermometer 

Fevers are typically a telltale sign that the body is fighting off an infection. In order to prevent an infection (COVID-19 or not) from potentially infecting more campers, use a temporal contact thermometer to know for sure if the camper is running hot. By using a temporal thermometer, you are reducing the risk of cross-contamination, in addition to saving money by not purchasing probe covers. 

Tricot First Aid Bandages

Adhesive Bandages

Cuts and scrapes are bound to happen with kids running everywhere. Stock up on adhesive bandages of varying shapes and sizes to cover your camper no matter the size or location of the wound. Also, be on the lookout for latex-free products to protect campers with latex allergies.

Polysporin Antibiotic Ointment

Antibiotic Ointment

To go hand-in-hand with the adhesive bandages, make sure you’re doing all you can to prevent infection from any open wounds. Use an antibiotic ointment Bacitracin and Polymyxin b on scrapes and burns, applied 1 to 3 times a day and your young campers will be on their way in no time. 

Sterile Blue Nitrile Gloves

Sterile Nitrile Gloves

Bodily fluids – bloody noses or scrapes – should be avoided by nurses or camp counselors while administering aid to injured campers. Ensure your counselors and medical staff are protected by donning sterile nitrile gloves. Rather than worrying about campers not knowing what they’re allergic to, just keep nitrile gloves at your aid station to avoid any potential allergic reactions. 

Gauze Sponges

Gauze Sponges

When gloves aren’t handy, use gauze sponges to keep wounds clean or apply ointment while avoiding contact with the wound. These all-purpose, non-sterile sponges will quickly absorb blood and help clean wounds to ensure your job as the care provider runs smoothly. 

Aluminum Crutches

Adjustable Aluminum Crutches

No summer camp director or nurse wants to think about having to dust off a pair of adjustable aluminum crutches, but on the off chance they’re needed, it’s better to have them than to not. Just in case of an emergency, keep a pair in the nurse’s station.


BinaxNOW COVID-19 Tests

With COVID-19 still lingering, it’s best to avoid guessing if the sniffles are allergies or COVID. Keep BinaxNOW COVID-19 antigen self-tests in stock to mitigate the spread by quickly identifying positive cases with these 15-minute or less tests.

Sanitization Products

No matter if your average camper’s age is 5 or 25, cleanliness matters when it comes to large groups of people being in the same place. Reduce the spread of germs at your camp and keep all participants healthy by using sanitization products. 

Purell To-Go bottles

Purell Hand Sanitizer 

Germs are everywhere. When you don’t have access to soap and water, arm campers with Purell hand sanitizer, which kills over 99.99% of common germs.

Clorox Pinsol

Clorox Pine-Sol Surface Cleaner

Dirt will be tracked in and out of rooms. Liquids will spill. Campers will cough. It’s what happens at camp. Knowing this, be prepared and use Clorox Pine-Sol Liquid Surface Cleaner to rid your surfaces of any grease, dirt, germs, and grime. The product works great on a number of surfaces, which is what makes it great for a multi-surface camp facility.

General Hygiene 

Part of camp safety involves caring for the general hygiene of participants. Make sure every camper and staff member has what they need to take care of their bodily functions so they can show up and have fun without worrying about anything other than campfires, friends, and making life-long memories at camp! 


Feminine Hygiene Products

Regardless of if you’re running a day camp or an overnight camp, it’s important to have a full supply of both tampons and pads for female campers. Help them get back to having fun as soon as possible by storing the various bathrooms throughout the camp. 


Deodorant Sticks

Teenage hormones and sweat are sure to make for an interesting mixture. Keep the stench at bay by having an ample supply of deodorant sticks and antiperspirant spray available 24/7. 

Angel Soft Toilet Paper

Angel Soft Toilet Paper

Toilet paper might be the most used item at your camp – everyone needs it. Be prepared for the duration of the camp term by ordering in bulk to make sure you don’t run out!

It’s no small task to run a successful summer camp, which is why your attention should be focused one-hundred percent on the kids and having fun. Reap the benefits of all of your hard work and planning – don’t worry about fulfilling camp safety order forms. Stock up before camp starts on all of your essential medical supplies for the summer!


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