Back to Office Safety: COVID-19 Tests & PPE Office Supplies

Back to Office Safety: COVID-19 Tests & PPE Office Supplies

Various health agencies from Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation to World Health Organization say that rising cases of Omicron are impacting large swaths of the population. While Omicron appears to be less deadly than the Delta variant, it is generally considered far more contagious. And the impact is being felt far and wide.

As cases rise, people call in sick to work and school. Businesses and schools are seeing record absenteeism as teachers, staff, students, and employees across the nation stay home to recover from the illness, isolate and quarantine, or care for family members.

What if you have to return to the office, or are an essential worker that cannot work from home? Public health experts recommend mitigating the spread of the virus by using "health and safety layers" This infographic, credited to Ian M. Mackay, a virologist at the University of Queensland, in Brisbane, provides a visual representation of various steps individuals and groups can take to address a mitigate the pandemic. (See Diagram Here)

The CDC has also recently recommended upgrading from cloth masks to well-fitting medical-grade N95 and KN95s. The good news about these face masks is that they tend to fit better than cloth masks, while making it easier to speak clearly and be understood.

For our part, we are offering bundles for COVID-19 ppe supplies. Businesses of all types and sizes can save 10% on any COVID-19 test with the purchase of any other product in our inventory. 

These ppe supplies for offices include:


And while COVID-19 is top of mind, we do still offer a wide range of products organized by collections for medical, surgical, and dental practitioners. We also have hard to get medical supplies such as crutches and blood tubes too.

So, what can you do to keep yourself and the office safe?

  1. Encourage vaccination and offer time off to obtain and/or recover from the vaccine
  2. Offer high-quality masks to your employees
  3. Practice good hand hygiene - keep soap supplies refreshed or hand sanitizer readily available
  4. Keep to Reasonable Social Distancing 
  5. Bundle and save. Buy any product from bttn's inventory and receive 10% off your COVID-19 tests.
  6. Be nice to each other! It's getting crazy out there with short tempers, frustration, and general pandemic fatigue. Remember lots of people are out sick or recovering and may not be as quick thinking, responsive, or fast as you are used to. Kindness goes a long way!