Molnlycke Wound Management Mepore Film, Polyurethane Dressing


Transparent Dressings


Molnlycke Wound Management Mepore Film, Polyurethane Dressing

Breathable and transparent. Easy application. Helps protect from friction injuries. Barrier for leakage and bacteria. Secure fixation. Gentle to skin and wound site. Bacteria proof.


  • Easy application, also when wearing gloves
  • Fluid impermeable
  • High breathability
  • Skin-friendly adhesive
  • Maintains a moist wound environment
  • Viral and bacteria proof, and provides a barrier against leakage
  • Limits the risk for damage of newly formed tissue
  • Conforms easily with body contours
  • Secure fixation


Country of Origin Finland
Shape Rectangle
Application Transparent Film Dressing
Brand Mepore® Film
UNSPSC Code 42311527
Sterility Sterile
Label Without Label
Material Adhesive / Film
Delivery Method Frame Style Delivery
Manufacturer Molnlycke
Additional Information:

Molnlycke Wound Management Mepore Film is an adhesive polyurethane film dressing that is available in four different sizes. This dressing is designed to provide a barrier between the wound and the surrounding environment.