Smiths Medical Venipuncture Needle Pro Device




Smiths Medical Venipuncture Needle Pro Device

Designed to protect clinicians from exposure to contaminated blood collection needles. The holder-based safety device provides protection on both ends and prevents holder re-use, assuring compliance with OSHA directives. Meets NIOSH/CDC recommendations for safety devices. The safety feature is an integral part of the device. The safety feature engages with a single-handled technique. The clinician's hands and fingers remain behind the exposed sharp at all times. The clinician can easily tell whether the safety feature is activated. The needle is securely locked inside the safety device and remains protective through disposal. Holder-based safety minimizes back-end exposures by preventing needle removal and holder re-use, compliant with OSHA directives. Safety device engages the blood draw needle upon activation. Compatible with Jelco® blood collection needles.


  • WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Country of Origin United States
Manufacturer Smiths Medical
Additional Information:

The Smiths Medical Venipuncture Needle Pro Device is a safety device that is used for individual venipuncture procedures. It is available in three different options: Option 1: Venipuncture Needle-Pro Safety Device; Individual Bag; Bulk, Option 2: Venipuncture Needle-Pro; Dispenser Box, and Option 3: Venipuncture Needle-Pro; Individual Bag.