Bard Urethral Trays


Urethral Catheter


Bard Urethral Trays

Waterproof underpad, fenestrated drape, 3 BZK swabsticks, 5g lubricating jelly, 2 gloves, specimen container with label. Peel-top tray, single-use, sterile.


Country of Origin Unknown
Brand Bardia®
Collection Type Without Bag
UNSPSC Code 42142715
Securing Method Without Balloon
Sterility Sterile
Manufacturer Bard
Additional Information:

The Bard Urethral Tray is a medical device used for urethral catheterization. It is available in two options: Option 1 includes a 15FR red rubber urethral catheter, and Option 2 does not include a catheter.