Prevail Incontinence Pads, Chux Pads, Large 23" x 36"


Incontinence Care


Prevail incontinence products are multi-functional absorbent pads to protect a variety of surfaces from leakage. The Fluff Underpad, manufactured by Prevail First Quality, is made to protect a number of different living areas where soaking can occur. Areas could include mattress tops, chairs, wheelchairs and sofas. Prevail® includes an Integra Mat with bonded construction that helps keep the highly absorbent material from separating or bunching together. The disposable underpad also comes with a cloth-textured top sheet that is soft and makes it comfortable to rest on. The pads are enforced with an embossed poly backing, yet have a flat seal around the pad so none of the plastic is exposed to where it can rest against the skin. The Prevail underpads are "C" wing folded for ease of application and the facings are spunbonded polypropylene which is naturally fire retardant.

Product Features:

  • The Prevail Underpads are made with bonded construction to prevent separating or bunching.
  • The Fluff Underpads contain highly absorbent material that can be placed anywhere.
  • The Prevail® pads have a poly backing to prevent wetness soaking through.
  • The backing has a flat seal to keep any plastic from touching the skin.
  • The backing can help pad stay in place.


    Quantity 150/Case
    Color Green
    Size 23" x 36"
    Absorbency Moderate
    Material Cloth-like topsheet / Plastic
    Usage Disposable
    Additional Information:

    Looking for a reliable and comfortable incontinence solution? Look no further than Prevail incontinence pads! These large chux pads measure 23" x 36" and provide superior absorbency and protection against leaks. Made with a soft, quilted fabric, they are comfortable to wear and will keep you feeling dry and confident all day long.