Crosstex Twist Prophy Angle


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Crosstex Twist Prophy Angle

Unique, patented OSCILLATING MOTION. Eliminates spatter of prophy paste, blood, saliva and other potential infectious matter. Eliminates frictional heat – remains cool for increased patient comfort. Allows you to maintain continuous contact and pressure on tooth surface for maximum stain removal. Ergonomically superior – No more “lift and dab” technique. Safe for use on gingival margins and exposed dentin. Ideal for applying dental medicaments, and preparing teeth foretching and bleaching procedures. Only effective prophy angle brush for orthodontic cases – use on and in between brackets, wires and bands.

Additional Information:

The Crosstex Twist Prophy Angle is a versatile and easy-to-use prophy angle that helps you achieve superior results. It is available in four different options, each designed to meet your specific needs. Choose from prophy brushes with a flat or tapered design, or prophy cups that are either firm or soft.