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Graham Medical Economy Stretcher Sheets

Graham Medical Stretcher Sheets are comfortable tissue/poly sheets that are absorbent and protective. The tissue layer absorbs the fluids while the poly layer protects and adds strength. They provide optimal fitting of medical stretchers to prevent slipping and movement of patients. Single-use. Lightweight and easy to store. Deploys within seconds.


Country of Origin United States
Application Stretcher Sheet
Dimensions 40 X 90 Inch
UNSPSC Code 42132105
Usage Disposable
Type Flat Sheet
Color Blue / White
Manufacturer # 52166
Material Tissue / Poly
Manufacturer Graham Medical Products
Additional Information:

Looking for a reliable and comfortable stretcher sheet? Look no further than the Graham Medical Tissue Poly Stretcher Sheet! Made of durable tissue poly material, this stretcher sheet is perfect for any medical setting. It measures 40" x 90" and is available in white/blue.


What material is a gurney made of?

Gurneys and stretchers are usually made of a frame, with a canvas that has stretcher sheets on top of it (prevent cross-contamination).

Is a stretcher a bed?

Stretchers are wheeled beds used in emergency situations to transport patients in need of care.

What is a stretcher?

A stretcher, also known as a gurney, is a medical device used to move patients in critical care.