PlastCare Temporary Crown & Bridge Material 10:1 50mL Cartridge (A2)


Temporary Crown & Bridge Material


PlastCare Temporary Crown & Dental Bridge Material 10:1 50mL Cartridge (A2) is a great option for building temporary and long-term oral crowns and bridges. No mixing tips are included.

Additional Information:

This product is for temporary crown and bridge material. It is made of plastic and is 10 inches long.


What is temporary crown and bridge material?

Temporary bridge and crown material is a composite material that’s used to build temporary fabrications, as well as long-term options for oral crowns and bridges.

What’s the difference between a crown, a bridge, and a dental implant?

  • Dental crowns are prosthetic caps placed over chipped and broken teeth to protect the original appearance of the tooth.
  • Dental bridges are tooth replacements for multiple teeth.
  • Dental implants use titanium screws to secure artificial teeth in place properly.