Dukal Tech-Med Digital Timer




Learn about Dukal Tech-Med Digital Timer

Dukal Tech-Med Digital Timer counts down and up from 99 minutes (max time). The digital timer is pocket-sized. Comes with a spring-loaded clip and magnet. It is a convenient and easy-to-use digital timer for community health centers, emergency care providers, and other health practitioners. ½ inch number displayed on the screen. Digital timer comes with 1 AAA battery.

Additional Information:

The Dukal Tech-Med Digital Timer is a great way to keep track of time. This timer is easy to use and is perfect for any medical setting.


What is a laboratory timer?

A digital timer used in the lab helps signal incubation times, alert of appointments, and denote between tasks.

What is a digital timer used for?

Digital timers are used to track time for a variety of reasons.