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Dukal Nutramax Children‘s Character Adhesive Bandages, Tasmanian Devil & Tweety

Looney Tunes Adhesive Bandages are imprinted with Tweety Bird and Tasmanian Devil. Children’s character bandages are great for kids who want something fun to cover their cuts and wounds. Vented to help prevent skin maceration. The highly absorbent non-stick pad provides a moist environment for proper wound healing. Each bandage is individually wrapped and sterilized to provide maximum protection. Latex free.


  • Gentle adhesive and a non-adherent pad, which are safe for children’s delicate skin


Country of Origin China
Shape Round
Application Adhesive Spot Bandage
Brand Looney Tunes™
Dimensions 7/8 Inch
UNSPSC Code 42311546
Color Kid Design (Tweety and Taz)
Sterility Sterile
Manufacturer # 1079797
Material Plastic
Manufacturer Dukal
Additional Information:

Looking for a fun and unique way to show off your personality? Check out these Looney Tunes Adhesive Bandages! Featuring the Tasmanian Devil and Tweety, these bandages are perfect for anyone who loves these classic cartoon characters. Each bandage is 7/8" in size and will help you heal up in no time!


What are adhesive bandages used for?

Adhesive bandages protect minor cuts, burns, and injuries from bacteria and dirt so they can heal properly.

How long do adhesive bandages last?

Most adhesive bandages do not have expiration dates and can be kept in storage for a long while. This being said, it is advised that you check your supply yearly to make sure the adhesive is still sticky. While there's usually no expiration date, the glue can dry out and lose its ability to securely attach to the body.

What is a sterile bandage?

A sterile bandage (or dressing) is a bandage that is free from bacteria. This typically means the material is individually packaged and separated from others to prevent the spread of anything.

What types of bandages are there?

Since bandages serve a variety of purposes, there are many types available. A few examples are tube, liquid, moleskin, adhesive, gauze, suture, triangle, and compression bandages.

What's the difference between sterile and non-sterile?

Sterile products are those that meet FDA sterilization standards and are made to resist bacteria. Non-sterile products are those that have not been sterilized. Sterile products also tend to cost more due to this.

Are fabric bandages latex free?

Not all fabric bandages are latex-free, so it’s best to check the product itself to see if that specific brand is.

What is a sheer bandage?

Sheer bandages are lightweight, flexible, cushioned pads used for general wound protection on minor cuts and bruises. They are non-stick and provide gentle removal from the wound area to avoid causing more trauma to the affected area.

How to remove a fabric band aid?

To remove a fabric band-aid without causing any pain, soak a cotton ball in baby oil or rubbing alcohol. After it’s fully soaked, rub the cotton ball over the bandage until it falls off.

What is a medical dressing?

Dressings are cloth or gauze pads used in a medical setting to provide a protective barrier for a wound to absorb drainage and provide moisture.

How to bandage a wound with gauze?

If looking to properly bandage a wound with gauze, Saint Luke’s outlines the process step-by-step.