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Dukal Transparent Surgical Tape is medical tape used to conform to and accommodate movement. Transparent surgical tape is a porous, clear tape that can be torn bi-directionally without needing scissors or shredding. Great for dressing wounds, tube retention, and IV sites. Adhesive. Latex-Free. Multiple sizes of transparent surgical tape are available.

Additional Information:

Dukal Transparent Surgical Tape is a medical-grade tape that is perfect for securing dressings, IV catheters, and other medical devices. This tape is available in five different sizes to accommodate your needs.


Is transparent surgical tape waterproof?

Most surgical tapes are water-resistant.

What is the best tape to stick to the skin?

Medipore paper tape is a great option for securing bandages to the skin and not leaving a sticky residue.

Does medical tape stick to skin?

Medical tape sticks to the skin to hold dressings and medical devices in place.

What is surgical adhesive tape?

Medical tape is an adhesive tape used to hold bandages and dressings in place.

How do I remove surgical tape?

To remove the medical tape without pain, moisten the tape with a cotton ball soaked in ethyl acetate. Rub the cotton ball over the bandage surface. Once sufficiently wet, remove the bandage.