Surgical Specialties Surgical Sutures


Wound Closure


Surgical Specialties Surgical Sutures


  • The precision manufacturing of our Surgical Specialties™ sutures ensures consistent needle strength and durability that holds up pass after pass
  • Reverse Cutting Needle
  • Non-reflective finish makes the needle easier to distinguish under bright surgical lights


Country of Origin Unknown
Application Suture with Needle
Brand Surgical Specialties™
UNSPSC Code 42312201
Number of Needles 1-Needle
Suture Length 18 Inch Suture
Needle Shape 3/8 Circle
Manufacturer Surgical Specialties
Additional Information:

Looking for a top-quality surgical suture? Look no further than our surgical sutures from Surgical Specialties. Our sutures are available in three different options to suit your needs. Option 1: Polypropylene Suture; Monofilament; Reverse Cutting; Size 3-0; 18"/45cm; 19mm; 3/8 Circle Option 2: Silk Suture; Black Braided; Precision Reverse Cutting; Size 3-0; 18"/45cm; 19mm; 3/8 Circle Option 3: Silk Suture; Black Braided; Reverse Cutting; Size 6-0; 18"/45cm; 11mm; 3/8 Circle No matter which option you choose, you can be sure you're getting a top-quality surgical suture that will get the job done right. Order your surgical sutures today!