Busse Towels/drapes




Busse Towels/drapes

18” x 26”. Tissue/poly/tissue. Latex free.

Additional Information:

The Busse Towels/Drapes come in a variety of options to suit your needs. Option 1 is a drape with a 3" round fenestration and is autoclavable. Option 2 is a sterile drape with an adhesive patch around the fenestration. Option 3 is a sterile drape with a blue/white color. Option 4 is an SMS procedural drape with an adhesive strip and is latex-free. Option 5 is a towel with a patch and is 18"x26". Option 6 is a non-sterile, nonfenestrated towel that is autoclavable. Option 7 is a sterile towel that is blue/white. Option 8 is a towel/drape that is 24"x36" and is white.