Tech-Med Graduated Medicine Cups




Learn about Dukal Tech-Med Graduated Medicine Cup

Tech-Med Graduated Medicine Cups are reusable stainless steel and ideal for patients who don’t want to use different measurement cups each time. Easy to clean between liquid medications and uses. No seams in the graduated medicine cups – prevent bacteria from building up.

Additional Information:

Looking for an accurate and easy-to-use medicine cup? Look no further than the Tech-Med Graduated Medicine Cup. This medicine cup holds 2 ounces and is made of durable plastic.


What can a medicine cup measure?

Graduated Medicine Cups can measure and/or transport liquid and powder medications, pills, and other ingredients that need to be measured out and distributed.

What are medicine cups called?

Medicine cups are also known as measurement and portion cups.

How much mL is a medicine cup?

Graduated Medicine Cups come in various sizes and are able to carry different amounts of liquid.

How do you measure liquid medicine in a cup?

  • To properly measure liquid medicine, place the medicine cup on a flat surface.
  • Slowly pour the liquid from the bottle into the Graduated Medicine Cup.
  • Stop pouring when the liquid reaches the desired level

Are medicine cups reusable?

Yes, Graduated Medicine Cups can be reused if washed thoroughly between uses.