Dukal Nutramax Childrens' Character Adhesive Bandages, Spiderman


Adhesive Bandages


Dukal Nutramax Children‘s Character Adhesive Bandages, Spiderman

Adhesive bandages imprinted with either cheerful cartoons or bright neon colors. Vented to help prevent skin maceration. Highly absorbent non-stick pad provides a moist environment for proper wound healing. Each bandage individually wrapped and sterilized to provide maximum protection. Latex free.


  • Comes with the preferred and patented Stat Strip® easy opening wrapper that nurses request
  • A fun character long loved by kids of all ages
  • Gentle adhesive and features a highly absorbent, non-adherent wound pad that is safe for children’s skin


Country of Origin China
Shape Rectangle
Application Adhesive Strip
Brand American® White Cross Stat Strip®
Dimensions 3/4 X 3 Inch
UNSPSC Code 42311546
Color Kid Design (Spider-Man)
Sterility Sterile
Manufacturer # 1087737
Material Plastic
Manufacturer Dukal
Additional Information:

Looking for a fun and functional way to help your little one heal? Check out Dukal Nutramax Childrens' Character Adhesive Bandages! These Spiderman-themed bandages are perfect for kids who need a little extra motivation to keep their boo-boos covered. Made with a comfortable, breathable material, these bandages are sure to stick around until the job is done.