Covidien Spacemaker Pro Blunt Tip Trocar (Btt), Round




The Spacemaker Pro device is the next generation, all-in-one access and dissector system for inguinal and abdominal wall repair. The system is optimized for access, dissection and efficiency With a uniquely integrated solution that includes tailored cannulas and new anatomic balloons, the Spacemaker Pro device improves access, enhances visualization and creates the desired space for each procedure. The device also saves steps in the OR, while offering more choice in technique.

Product Features:

  • Provides easier, one-time access to surgical space, with a uniquely integrated system
  • Offers ability to operate in small spaces, with included low-profile 5 mm optical trocars
  • Expands access to eligible patients, with balloons not made with natural rubber latex
  • Enhances visualization, with anatomic balloons and clear cannulas
  • Creates the right space for each procedure, with new anatomic balloons
  • Facilitates insertion and full balloon deployment, with tailored cannulas
  • Saves procedural steps with an integrated access and dissection solution\\
  • Adapts to your technique, with the option to use as a system or separately
  • Offers more choice in technique, while reducing product codes by up to 50% †


    Quantity 1
    Application Trocar with Round Dissection Balloon
    Tip Style Blunt tip