Medegen Sitz Bath


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Medegen Sitz Bath

Fitting standard toilets and commodes, sitz baths are portable and can be used in a variety of locations (e.g. hospital, home). Each basin has rounded edges for simple application, handling and removal. Perfect for administering soothing fluids directly to the perineal area. Each set includes a 2000 ml bag, 60" tubing, adjustable clamp, basin and easy-to-follow instructions. Bags are graduated in 500 ml increments up to 2000 ml's.


Country of Origin El Salvador
Bag Type 2000 mL Bag
Shape Round
Application Sitz Bath
Graduations Graduated, 500 mL Increments up to 2000 mL
UNSPSC Code 42211611
Material Polypropylene
Manufacturer Medegen Medical Products LLC
Additional Information:

Looking for a way to ease your discomfort? Check out our Medegen Sitz Baths! Our Sitz Bath Sets come in three different colors - Gold, Mauve, and Turquoise. Each set comes with everything you need for a relaxing and comfortable experience.