3M Pivoting Clipper Blade Assembly 9660, Single Use




The unique blade attachment on the 3M™ Surgical Clipper with Pivoting Head 9661 accepts either the pivoting (9660) or specialty (9690) clipper blade assembly, and provides maximum blade contact with the skin at all times. The blade design easily accommodates either flat or angled clipping styles. The 9661 with the 9660 blade make it a top choice for Pre-op, Neuro, Cardiac, Labor and Delivery and EMS prep teams.

Product Features:

  • Conforms to contours of patient's body
  • Adjustable head allows clipping with a pull or push motion
  • Reduces risk of cross-contamination with single-use blades
  • Blade easily snaps-on and pops-off
  • Single use pivoting blade assembly for use with the clipper body 9661.


    Quantity 50/Case
    Head Type Pivoting
    Color Purple
    Type Clipper
    Therapeutic Area & Conditions Pre-Operative Hair Removal