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Learn About ProAdvantage Sheer Adhesive Bandages, Sterile

Keep wounds minor wounds healing properly through the use of sterile bandages with a breathable, absorbent island pad. The long-lasting adhesive on the ProAdvantage bandages even stays secure when wet.

ProAdvantage Sheer Adhesive Bandages, Sterile Features:

  • Latex free
  • Sterile


Quantity 100/Box or 1200/Case
Color Tan
Application Bandage
Usage Disposable
Type Strips
Latex Free Yes
Pad Island pad
Sterility Sterile
Additional Information:

The Pro Advantage Sheer Adhesive Bandage is a great option for those who need a bandage that will stay in place. This bandage is available in four different sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. The bandage is also sheer, so it won't show through your clothes.


Proadvantage Sheer Adhesive Bandages Faqs FAQs

What is a sterile bandage?

A sterile bandage (or dressing) is a bandage that is free from bacteria. This typically means the material is individually packaged and separated from others to prevent the spread of anything.

What types of bandages are there?

Since bandages serve a variety of purposes, there are many types available. A few examples are tube, liquid, moleskin, adhesive, gauze, suture, triangle, and compression bandages.

What's the difference between sterile and non-sterile?

Sterile products are those that meet FDA sterilization standards and are made to resist bacteria. Non-sterile products are those that have not been sterilized. Sterile products also tend to cost more due to this.