Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches, 5.25" x 10", Paper/Blue Film




Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches, 5.25" x 10", Paper/Blue Film (Case of 2000)

Additional Information:

Looking for a reliable and easy-to-use sterilization pouch? Look no further than our self-sealing sterilization pouches! Made of paper and blue film, these pouches measure 5.25" x 10" and are perfect for sterilizing your medical instruments.

Sterilization pouches make sure that contaminants and infections do not spread during handling and storage. After being washed, instruments must be placed in the pouches to ensure that they remain clean until their next use.

To use, fold the perforation back and crease with the protective strip still in place. Fold back into place. Using clean gloves and other personal protective equipment, load the cleaned instruments into the pouch. Make sure that the items are dry, and ensure that the bag is not overfilled. We recommend filling the bag ¾ full to avoid over stuffing.

Make sure the instruments don’t pierce the package. Once the bag is filled to the correct capacity, expel as much air from the pouch as possible. Remove the strip from the adhesive. Fold at perforated line to get a tight seal. The adhesive should adhere 50% on the paper and 50% on the plastic. Do not fold the adhesive past the perforation. The combination of adhering to plastic and paper ensures the airtight seal that keeps your instruments and tools sterile. Store the pouches until you are ready to use them. Not only do the pouches help with sterilization but they can help your dental lab stay more organized by storing instruments together in one location.


Box Quantity 200 Pouches/Box
Case Quantity 10 Boxes/Case
Case Weight 23 lb
Case Dimensions 12" x 12 " x 12"