Crosstex Self Sealing Autoclave Bags, Paper




Crosstex Self Sealing Autoclave Bags, Paper

Unique hospital double-fold seal and pull-off adhesive tab offer a true seal of integrity. Available in two convenient lengths, 8.75" / 122cm and 10.5" / 127cm. Gusset feature provides 50% more inner space than a 3.5" x 9" / 9 x 23cm sterilization pouch. Color process indicators for use in steam, chemical vapor and EtO. Made in USA.

Additional Information:

Looking for a reliable and easy-to-use autoclave bag? Look no further than Crosstex Self Sealing Autoclave Bags. These bags are made of durable paper and come in two sizes to fit your needs. Simply seal the bag and autoclave for a quick and effective sterilization process.