Exel Scalp Vein (Butterfly) Infusion Sets




Learn about Exel Scalp Vein (Butterfly) Infusion Sets

Exel Scalp Vein Set has color-coded, flexible butterfly wings to hold the needles in position. Available as a standalone product or coupled with the Luer Adapter in the Vaculet Blood Collection Set. Latex free. Manufactured from the highest quality 420 stainless steel. Inner wrap keeps the product within the sterile field upon opening. 

Product Features:

  • Sterile, Non-Toxic, Non-Pyrogenic
  • Individually Packaged
  • Thin wall stainless steel cannula siliconized for easy insertion
  • Flexible wings hold the needles in position and help prevent inadvertent pull-out
  • Color-coded for easy identification
  • DEHP Free
  • This product does not contain Natural Rubber Latex

    Length 18 in.
    Width 12 in.
    Height 10 in.

    Additional Information:

    The Exel Scalp Vein Infusion Set is a latex free butterfly-shaped needle that is used for intravenous (IV) therapy. This IV infusion set comes in sterile packaging and has a stainless steel needl. The Excel Scalp Vein Infusion set is available in six different sizes, ranging from 19G to 27G. The set includes a 12" tubing.