PlastCare Saliva Ejector, Clear Body, Blue Tip


Saliva Ejectors


Saliva Ejectors, Clear/Blue (Case of 1000)

Additional Information:

The PlastCare Saliva Ejector is a clear, plastic saliva ejector with a blue tip. It is used to remove saliva from the mouth during dental procedures.


Saliva Ejector Clear/ Blue FAQs

What is saliva?

Saliva, also known as spit, is a thick, colorless fluid – mainly made of water – produced by the salivary glands in the mouth. Saliva Ejector Clear/ Blue help absorb saliva to make it easier for dentists when performing oral procedures.

What does saliva do?

  • Provides the body with defense against mouth bacteria
  • Moistens and breaks down food to make it easier to digest
  • Neutralizes acids
  • Saliva Ejector Clear/ Blue aren’t built to prevent saliva from doing what it does, instead, they are used to temporarily prevent the production of saliva from interfering with oral procedures.

Can Saliva Ejector Clear/ Blue be reused?

If Saliva Ejector Clear/ Blue is metal, it can be reused if sterilized between uses. But, if made of plastic, the ejectors must be discarded after each use.

What are the possible dangers of using Saliva Ejector Clear/ Blue?

Backflow is the biggest danger associated with Saliva Ejector Clear/ Blue due to the potential cross-contamination between the patient’s waste and the suction materials.

What do saliva ejectors do?

A Saliva Ejector Clear/ Blue is a device used in oral procedures to remove unwanted blood, saliva, and debris via suction.