Drive Medical Oxymizer Pendant


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Drive Medical Oxymizer Pendant

Disposable reservoir cannula provides more comfortable high-flow oxygen delivery than a mask or high-flow cannula while facilitating equivalent patient oxygenation. Allows patients to eat, drink and talk in an unobstructed manner. Reduces patient anxiety, thereby increasing compliance. Allows high-flow therapy to continue in a home care setting by reducing the liter flow required to achieve adequate saturation, facilitating earlier patient discharge. Effectively oxygenates hard-to-saturate patients, including some with refractory hypoxemia. Accommodates the use of handheld nebulizers, incentive spirometer sand suctioning devices without interruption oxygen therapy. May be used with or without supplemental humidification.

Additional Information:

The Drive Medical Oxymizer Pendant is a disposable reservoir cannula pendant that is perfect for those who need oxygen on the go. This pendant comes with a built-in reservoir that can hold up to 20 mL of oxygen, making it perfect for those who need oxygen for short periods of time.