BD Recykleen Sharps Collectors


Sharps Container


BD Recykleen Sharps Collectors

BD Recykleen™ Large and Extra-Large Sharps Collectors are made from a mixture of polypropylene and a minimum of 50% recycled plastic. The main benefits are - they are made from 50% recycled content; reduces plastic into landfills/minimizes waste compatible with BD Recykleen™ trolleys, which provide stability and mobility for these large collectors; meets all safety (puncture resistance, impact resistance) and CDC NIOSH recommendations (tamper resistance)

Additional Information:

The BD Recykleen Sharps Collectors are available in four different options to best suit your needs. Option 1 is a 3 gallon Sharps Collector made with 20% recycled plastic and a counterbalanced door. Option 2 is a 3 gallon Sharps Collector made with Pearl. Option 3 is a 5.4 Qt Sharps Collector made with 50% recycled plastic and a pharmacy dual opening hinged top. Option 4 is an 8 Quart Sharps Collector with an open top Nesta.