PlastCare VPS Impression Material Light Body Fast Set 50mL Cartridges


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PlastCare VPS Impression Material Light Body Fast Set 50mL Cartridges are made from two liquid components that create a chemical reaction when mixed together. It sets within 2-5 minutes. Will generate dental impressions that are both tear-resistant and accurate. Light body impression material can be administered with a syringe.

Additional Information:

The PlastCare VPS Impression Material Light Body Fast Set 50mL Cartridges are perfect for creating detailed impressions of teeth. This product is made with a light body formula that sets quickly, so you can get accurate results in a short amount of time.


What is a PVS impression?

Polyvinyl siloxane (PVS) is the most popular elastomer used for dental impressions. A PVS impression is a tooth impression using PVS as the mold to capture the impression (position of the teeth).

How long does it take to get dental impressions?

Dental impressions take about 15 minutes .

What are dental impressions used for?

Dental impressions are used to get imprints of teeth, gums, and oral structures to build mouth models for whitening trays, retainers, and mouth guards.

Can dental impressions pull teeth out?

In most cases, dental impressions will not pull teeth out of a patient's mouth. If teeth are very loose, it could be possible, but most times it will not happen.

How much do dental impressions cost?

  • For patients, the cost of dental impressions varies on your insurance and the dental practice you go to.
  • For doctors, impressions cost $93.78.

What is bite registration material?

Bite registration material is an impressionable material used to capture a patient’s bite.

What are bite registration trays used for in dentistry?

Dentists use bite registration trays to view the relationship between the upper and lower teeth – to see how teeth fit together when biting down.

What are the two types of alginate?

What is bite registration in dentistry?

Bite registration in dentistry is the process of taking an impression of a patient’s upper and lower teeth to analyze their bite and then make crowns, dentures, and mouth guards.

Which type of bite registration material is most popular?

  • Popular bite registration materials are:
  • Elastomers
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Waxes
  • Zinc Oxide Eugenol Pastes (Dentures)
  • High Durometer Polyvinyl Siloxane Materials (Blu Mousse, Quick Bite)

What is plaster of paris?

Plaster of Paris is a powdered calcium sulfate and water mixture that is used to make dentures, body casts, and house molds.

What is dental plaster?

Dental plaster is a powder and water mixture used to make dentures.

Is plaster of paris toxic?

Plaster of Paris (calcium sulfate hemihydrate and water) is generally considered non-toxic .