Sultan Pro Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaners




Sultan Pro Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaners

The 1000 can hold up to 200 instruments in any combination of baskets, cassettes, cassette holders and breakers. The 2000 holds up to 400 instruments. New narrow frequency band for more powerful cavitation. Instant heating of solution for better cleaning. De-gas feature to remove air bubbles for faster cleaning. Above-the-tank control panel for visibility, safety and reliability. Operating level line to prevent over or underfilling. Wider snap-on drain line empties tank fast. Can be counter-sunk or used on countertop.

Additional Information:

Looking for a top-quality ultrasonic cleaner? Look no further than the Sultan Pro Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaner. This powerful cleaner is perfect for a variety of cleaning applications, and can handle even the toughest jobs. With a 1 gallon capacity, the Sultan Pro Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaner is sure to get the job done quickly and easily.