Graham Medical Visiblanket


Safety & Emergency


Graham Medical Visiblanket

A heavy-duty, bright-yellow privacy blanket used to cover patients and/or equipment during recovery and transport. It is also ideal for identifying patients and accident victims. This high-visibility blanket, made from polyethylene and white airlaid materials, offers a fluid barrier with generous size for full coverage.


Application Blanket
Usage Disposable
Manufacturer Graham Medical Products
Additional Information:

Looking for a medical-grade blanket that will keep you warm and comfortable during procedures? Look no further than the Graham Medical Visiblanket! This blanket is available in two different options to suit your needs. Option 1 features a blanket measuring 54" x 84", made from a yellow and white poly/tissue blend. Option 2 is an individually packaged Visiblanket blanket measuring 50" x 84", printed with a poly bag.