Mars Powerlinz Evacuation Line Cleaner


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Mars Powerlinz Evacuation Line Cleaner

PowerLINZ is fast and effective. Our formulation controls the rapid bacterial build-up inside the suction lines and amalgam separator and is especially created for your “BOSS”. Concentrated (1 case of 2 bottles makes 250 Liters), cost-effective, easy-to-use, convenient premeasured pump, non-foaming, non-corrosive, antimicrobial, neutral pH, chlorine-free, 100% biodegradeable. Acceptible for future EPA standards. 1 case = 2 chairs 1 year.

Additional Information:

Looking for a powerful and concentrated evacuation line cleaner? Look no further than Mars Powerlinz Evacuation Line Cleaner. This powerful cleaner is perfect for keeping your evacuation lines clean and clear.