Ambra Le Roy Orthopedic Elastic Bandage


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Ambra Le Roy Orthopedic Elastic Bandage

A superior quality, non-sterile woven compression bandage. It is manufactured with cotton, polyester and latex-free elastic yarns. The densely woven construction maximizes comfort and durability, making the elastic bandage resistant to harsh medications and ointments, and allows it to stand up to frequent laundering and sterilization. Ideal for orthopedic applications and also useful for the support of prosthetic devices, reduction fractures, and support of limbs post-injury or surgery. It is recommended for strains and sprains, and for the treatment of tendonitis, tenosynovitis, varicosities, edema and poor peripheral circulation. It comes with elastic stretch clips.

Additional Information:

The Ambra Le Roy Orthopedic Elastic Bandage is a premium quality bandage that is orthopedic grade. It is available in a variety of sizes, including 2" x 5 yds, 3" x 5 yds, 4" x 10 yds, 4" x 5 yds, 6" x 10 yds, and 6" x 5 yds. All of the bandages are made with elastic stretch clips and are latex free. The bandages are also available in beige.