OraSoothe Sockit Gel


Dental Anesthetics


Mcmerlin Orasoothe Sockit! Gel

OraSoothe Sockit Gel is used to heal oral wounds naturally and drug-free. The hydrogel is FDA-approved. Packaged in an easy-to-use syringe that is applied in dental offices or medical facilities that require oral procedures. OraSoothe Sockit Gel optimizes healing and provides pain relief for the patient. Patients are given the remainder of the gel to apply as needed. Reduces post-op visits. Alternative pain management method.

Additional Information:

OraSoothe SockIt! Gel is a product that helps to soothe and heal your gums. The gel comes in a 10g syringe and is easy to use. The gel is also available in a 5 patient instruction pack.


What is Sockit gel used for?

OraSoothe Sockit gel is an FDA-approved wound dressing used for managing oral wounds.

What does Sockit gel have in it?

Aloe vera mannose polysaccharides, xylitol, and essential oils.

When should I start using Sockit gel?

If given a Sockit gel, you can start using it on the day of your oral surgery, once the bleeding has subsided.