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ONE-CARE® PLUS Contact-Activated Safety Lancets offer improved ergonomics with ribbed housing and concaved rear cap for stable grip within the hand and easier handling. ONE-CARE® PLUS Safety Lancets have also wide safety cap for convenient twist off, optimized skin contact area, short activation travel, as well as gentle and smooth activation mechanism for enhanced comfort of patients. Spring-based mechanism allows for quick and seem-less puncture. Automatic needle retraction helps protect against needle-stick injuries and cross-contamination exposure. Built-in needle depth control provides for consistent and accurate sampling results.

Additional Information:

Looking for a safe and easy way to test your blood sugar levels? Look no further than Medivena One Care Plus Safety Lancets! Our lancets are available in a variety of sizes and flows to suit your needs, and they're all color-coded for easy identification. Plus, our lancets are made from high-quality stainless steel for a sharp, precise puncture every time.