Medtronic Nuvent Em Sinus Dilation System Frontal 7 x 17 mm




NuVent™ balloon sinus dilation is a simple, targeted system for balloon sinus surgery with built-in electromagnetic (EM) surgical navigation technology. NuVent offers a unique addition to the broad spectrum of sinus surgery treatments.

Product Features:

  • Plug-and-play with StealthStation™ ENT and StealthStation FlexENT™ navigation systems for surgical navigation. Balloon sinus seekers with built-in AxiEM™ tracking.
  • Only three parts: balloon sinus seeker, tubing, and inflator.
  • Safety features. Protective valve indicator to help prevent accidental over-inflation.


    Quantity 1
    Sinus Area Frontal
    Length 17 mm
    Outer Diameter 7 mm