PlastCare Non-Woven Dental Gauze Sponges, 2x2, 4-Ply




Looking for a reliable dental gauze sponge? Look no further than the PlastCare Non-Woven Dental Gauze Sponges. Made of 4-ply non-woven material, these gauze sponges are perfect for a variety of dental procedures. Each sponge measures 2x2 inches.

Reliable, absorbent dental gauze sponges keep patients and dentists happy. Post-surgery liquid is soaked up with dependable 4-ply gauze that simultaneously provides comfortable, soft support to patients as their mouths heal. These gauze sponges will improve the overall experience of your patients because they are made to be extra comfortable and soft.

Most dental offices go through gauze very quickly. These gauze sponges have less lint than standard gauze. No one wants lint left in their mouth and these materials give patients the best possible experience. These gauze sponges are the best choice for your patients.


Dimensions 2" x 2"
Quantity per Pack 200
Packs per Case 25
Units per Case 5000
Manufacturer Plastcare USA


What's the difference between gauze sponges and gauze pads?

Gauze sponges come with at least two per pack, while gauze pads are one per pack.

What is dental gauze?

PlastCare Non-Woven Dental Gauze Sponges, 2x2, 4-Ply is used to control moisture in a patient’s mouth during various dental treatments.

What kind of gauze do dentists use?

Dentists use a wide variety of sterile and non-sterile gauze during oral procedures.

How long do you have to wear gauze after tooth extraction?

Gauze should be kept on surgical sites until the bleeding stops – roughly 2-3 hours post-operation. During that time, be sure to replace the gauze every 30-45 minutes.

How long do you wear gauze after wisdom teeth removal?

Keep gauze on the wisdom tooth removal area until the bleeding stops – typically 2-3 hours. Replace the gauze every 30-45 minutes.

What does 12-ply gauze mean?

Ply refers to the number of layers the gauze has. The higher the ply number (12-ply), the thicker the gauze square will be.

What are gauze sponges 4x4 used for?

Gauze sponges 4x4 are used to absorb fluids and clean wounds.

What's the difference between sterile and non-sterile gauze sponges?

  • Sterile medical gauze sponges are used on open wounds to prevent potential infections.
  • Non-sterile gauze sponges are used more often for closed wounds, where infections are less likely.

What's the difference between woven and non-woven gauze sponges?

Non-woven gauze sponges are made from a poly rayon blend, whereas woven gauze sponges are made from 100% cotton.