Innovative Nitriderm Ultra Orange Powder-Free Exam Gloves




Innovative Nitriderm Ultra Orange Powder Free Exam Gloves

Orange - The universal symbol for caution - and ideal for EMS, police and fire, haz mat functions, spills, etc. This medium weight nitrile glove is extremely elastic and comfortable while providing the tensile strength required for these demanding procedures. Polymer interior for rapid donning. Textured finish for an excellent grip even in the presence of moisture. Color: CAUTION Orange. Classified by UL in accordance with NFPA 1999 (2013) Ed.

Additional Information:

Looking for a powder-free, latex-free exam glove that is also textured for added grip? Look no further than our Innovative Nitriderm Ultra Orange Powder-Free Exam Gloves! These gloves are available in seven sizes to ensure a perfect fit, and they are also non-sterile for your safety.