Blickman Coleman Bassinet




Blickman Coleman Bassinet

Blickman’s inverted “U-frame” bassinet design, combined with bassinet basket, provides a stable and safe resting place for newborns. Shelves, drawers or cabinets housed underneath the basket provide additional storage space as well as add strength and rigidity. Ball-bearing swivel casters, with two brakes, transport baby comfortably and safely. The clear acrylic infant basket has a card-holder for baby ID and rests in specially-formed support rods so it can be set in the flat or Trendelenburg position.

Additional Information:

The Blickman Coleman Bassinet is a versatile and functional piece of medical equipment that comes in a variety of different configurations to suit the needs of any medical facility. The bassinet is made from high-quality materials and features a sturdy design that is built to last. The bassinet comes in either a one-drawer or two-shelf configuration, and can also be ordered with a closed or open cabinet. The bassinet kit includes a bassinet basket with card holder and a mattress pad.