Mission Plus Hemoglobin Test Cartridges




Acon Mission Plus Hemoglobin Test Cartridges

Mission Plus Hemoglobin Test Cartridges come with 50 test cartridges, 1 code chip, and 60 capillary transfer tubes. Capillary transfer tubes are plastic and ensure a sufficient sample has been obtained to be tested. These are accessories for the Acon Mission Testing System, which provides fast and accurate hemoglobin test results from anywhere.


Country of Origin China
Application Reagent
Brand Mission®
UNSPSC Code 41115808
Number of Tests 50 Tests
Test Name Hemoglobin
Container Type Cartridge
Manufacturer # C132-3041
Test Type Hematology
Manufacturer Acon Laboratories
Additional Information:

The Mission Plus Hemoglobin Test Cartridges are a great way to test your hemoglobin levels. This package includes 50 test cartridges, 1 code chip, and 60 capillary transfer tube package insert.


Are home hemoglobin tests accurate?

Home hemoglobin tests are accurate and provide results close to those obtained from labs.

What is the normal hemoglobin level for men and women?

For men, normal hemoglobin levels are between 13.2 – 16.6 grams per deciliter. For women, normal levels are between 11.6 – 15 grams per deciliter.

What is hemoglobin in a blood test?

Hemoglobin tests measure the amount of hemoglobin (a protein in red blood cells) in your blood.

What is a hemoglobin A1c test?

A1c tests measure your average blood sugar level over the past 2 – 3 months.

Why test hemoglobin?

Hemoglobin levels should be checked to identify the presence of certain health conditions.

What happens if your hemoglobin is high?

High hemoglobin levels (COPD, liver cancer, heart failure) occur when an above-average level of iron-containing red blood cells are present. Can cause fatigue and dizziness.

What happens when your hemoglobin is low?

Low hemoglobin (caused by cancer, anemia, etc.) means there is a low level of oxygen in your blood.

Does hemoglobin test for anemia?

A hemoglobin test or a complete blood count test (CBC) can determine the presence of anemia.

What does a hemoglobin electrophoresis test for?

Hemoglobin electrophoresis tests are used to diagnose sickle cell and anemia by measuring hemoglobin levels – looking for any abnormalities in the hemoglobin.