BD Microtainer Quikheel Lancet


Blood Tests


BD Microtainer Quikheel Lancet

A safety-engineered product designed for heelsticks on babies and neonates. The simple one-handed activation releases a retractable surgical blade for precise, consistent incision. Provides sufficient blood flow to conduct low trauma sampling.


  • Infant Size


Country of Origin Unknown
Safety Feature Retractable
Application Pediatric Lancet
Brand BD Microtainer™
UNSPSC Code 41104102
Activation Method Push Button Activation
Usage Disposable
Type Incision Device
Target Area Heel
Sterility Sterile
Incision Type Blade
Manufacturer BD
Additional Information:

The BD Microtainer Quikheel Lancet is a medical device used for blood collection. It is available in two sizes, Infant and Preemie, to accommodate different patient needs. The Infant size has a 1.0mm incision depth and 2.5mm incision length, while the Preemie size has a .85mm incision depth and 1.75mm incision length.