Jobst Compression Hose Knee High Open Toe, 20-30 mmHg


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BSN Medical Jobst For Men Compression Hose, 20-30 mmHG, Open Toe

The Jobst Compression Hose has a ribbed design with a 3-D knit structure. Flat toe seams and a roomy toe section allow breathability for the feet. Jobst Compression Hose has reinforced heels for a longer-lasting, durable product. Anti-bacterial additive reduces unpleasant sock odor. BSN Medical compression stockings have a moisture-transport system with soft micro and multi-fiber yarns in the sole keeps feet dryer. Available in assorted colors, sizes, and knee-high or thigh-high styles.

Additional Information:

The Jobst Compression Hose is a knee-high hose that provides 20-30 mmHg of compression. It is available in black and has an open toe. It comes in the following sizes: small, medium, large, x-large, and full calf.


How do you measure compression stockings?

To find your Jobst Compression Hose size, measure the circumference of both your calf and ankle. This number will tell you your size (S, M, L, XL).

Can you wear compression stockings 24 hours a day?

You should wear your Jobst Compression Hose during the day when you are active and let your legs rest at night without the socks.

Is Jobst a good compression stocking?

A Jobst compression hose is a highly recommended brand by many physicians.

How long do Jobst compression stockings last?

Most Jobst stockings will last about 4-6 months.

Are 20-30 mmHg compression socks too much?

20-30 mmHg compressions socks provide moderate compression. They are good for patients with swollen feet, spider veins, and varicose veins.

What does 20-30 mmHg mean in compression socks?

20-30 mmHg refers to the amount of compression the sock will provide. The pressure will be no lower than 20 mmHg and no more than 30 mmHg.

Where to buy a pack of Jobst compression hose?

A pack of Jobst compression hose can be purchased through bttn or other medical supply companies!

What compression socks should I buy?

Popular brands of compression socks are Jobst, Juzo, and Therafirm. Ask your physician for their opinion and try a few brands before you decide.

How to take off compression socks?

To take off compression stockings, grab the top band and pull it down (avoid pulling the elastic band). Begin rolling the sock down or pull it from the toe, once past your ankle.