Graham Medical Megamover Plus


Safety & Emergency


Graham Medical Megamover Plus

A durable, compact, cost effective, portable transport unit used to transport, transfer or rescue patients from areas inaccessible to stretchers. The Plus accepts standard backboards for immobilization. The gray color provides decreased visibility where security is vital.

Additional Information:

Looking for an easy and efficient way to move patients? Look no further than the Graham Medical Megamover Plus! This medical device is available in two options, each with its own unique benefits. The first option, the MegaMover Plus w/ PowerGrips, is ideal for patients who need a little extra help getting around. The second option, the MegaMover Plus, is perfect for patients who are able to move around on their own. No matter which option you choose, you can be sure that the Graham Medical Megamover Plus will make patient transport a breeze!