Medipurpose Mediplus Comfort Foam Border Ag Dressing


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An island dressing on a polyurethane adhesive border to allow fixation without secondary dressing or fixation tape. The dressings consist of absorbent polyurethane foam sandwiched between another layer of breathable, polyurethane film with adhesive along the borders, and wound-contacting polyethylene net containing silver metal ions (Ag+). These three layers are laminated together to produce a soft, flexible and conformable wound dressing. The outside film acts as a bacterial barrier, and the silver inhibits microbial growth in the dressing, which helps to prevent colonization. Silver is added to the dressing to prevent bacterial growth within the dressing. This product contains 79 ppm of elemental silver bound within the wound dressing. Dressings provide physical separation between the wound and external environments to assist in preventing bacterial contamination of the wound. Soft, breathable outside film provides moisture vapor transmission from the foam layer for exudates management. Absorbent and conformable pad. Low-allergy gelatin-free adhesive. Wound contact layer is laminated PE net, preventing sticking to wounds. Individually packed in peel pouch and ETO sterilized.

Additional Information:

The Medipurpose Mediplus Comfort Foam Border Ag Dressing is a versatile and comfortable dressing that can be used for a variety of wounds. It is available in five different sizes to fit your needs. The foam border helps to protect the wound and the silver helps to reduce bacteria and promote healing.