Pro Advantage Medicine Cup




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Learn About ProAdvantage Medicine Cup

Transport liquid and solid medications with ease by using unbreakable, translucent medicine cups. These 1 OZ disposable cups by ProAdvantage help medical staff spend more time on helping patients get healthy instead of cleaning between uses and worrying about the spreading of germs.

ProAdvantage Medicine Cup Features:

  • Easy to read graduations
  • Rounded, smooth edge
  • Unbreakable and translucent
  • Made from polypropylene


Quantity 100/Sleeve or 5000/Case
Application Medicine Cup
Material Polypropylene
Color Clear
Graduations Graduated
Volume 1 oz
Usage Disposable
Additional Information:

The Pro Advantage Medicine Cup is a 1 oz cup made of polypropylene with metric measurements only.


Proadvantage Medicine Cups Faqs FAQs

Are medicine cups reusable?

Yes, medicine cups can be reused if washed thoroughly between uses.

How do you measure liquid medicine in a cup?

To properly measure liquid medicine, place the medicine cup on a flat surface. Slowly pour the liquid from the bottle into the medicine cup. Stop pouring when the liquid reaches the line on the medicine cup for your desired amount of medication.

How much mL is a medicine cup?

Medicine cups come in various sizes and are able to carry different amounts of liquid.

What are medicine cups called?

Medicine cups are also called measurement and portion cups.

What can a medicine cup measure?

Medicine cups can measure and/or transport liquid and powder medications, pills, and other ingredients that need to be measured out and distributed.