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Safetec Manual & Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Safetec® offers Automatic and Manual Dispensers for Instant Hand Sanitizer. The Manual Dispenser can be wall-mounted with screws or tape, and the Automatic Dispenser has a floor stand option that is easy to place and move around in any facility where hand sanitizer is needed. Drip Trays can be used on both Automatic and Manual Dispensers and have adhesive on the back to easily adhere to surfaces, as an alternative to using screws. Kills 99.9% of germs (contains 66.5% Ethyl Alcohol). Formula evaporates completely, leaving no sticky residue on hands. Aloe vera adds moisture with each use.

Additional Information:

The Safetec Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is a great way to keep your hands clean. The dispenser comes in both automatic and manual options, and can be refilled with either the 800mL Automatic Dispenser Refill or the 800mL Manual Dispenser Refill. The dispenser also comes with a floor stand, a drip tray, and a fresh scent.