Graham Medical Latex Free Tourniquet


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Graham Medical Latex Free Tourniquet

100% latex free tourniquet that protects both patients and healthcare personnel alike from the dangers of latex allergies. Performs all the functions of the standard latex tourniquet. Patients appreciate the smooth comfort and ease of application. Strong with superior elasticity and tear-resistance for maximum performance.


  • Disposable products are safer and sustainable
  • Single-use offers superior protection
  • Highly elastic and tear resistant
  • Latex-free for safety and comfort


Country of Origin India
Application Tourniquet Strap
Dimensions 1 X 18 Inch
Length 18 Inch Length
Usage Disposable
Width 1 Inch Width
Securing Method Tie
Color White
Sterility NonSterile
Material Elastic
Manufacturer Graham Medical Products
Additional Information:

Looking for a latex-free tourniquet? Look no further than the Graham Medical Latex Free Tourniquet! This tourniquet is made of high-quality materials and is designed to be comfortable and easy to use.