Cardinal Health Instant Cold Packs


Physical Therapy


Learn About Cardinal Health Instant Cold Pack 5" x 5.5"

Squeeze and shake the Cardinal Health Instant Cold Pack Ammonium Nitrate for quick access to cold therapy to relieve pain. Apply directly to minor wounds, toothaches, and burns for up to 30 minutes. Does not contain DEHP.

Cardinal Health Instant Cold Pack 5" x 5.5" Features:

  • Consistent and effective cold therapy
  • Easy to activate — just squeeze and shake
  • Can be applied directly to skin — no additional cover needed


    Quantity Single Unit or Case
    Size 5" x 5.5"
    Activation Method Chemical Reaction
    Material Plastic / Ammonium Nitrate / Water
    Securing Method Without Securing Method
    Target Area General Purpose
    Temperature Duration Up to 30 minutes
    Usage Disposable
    Additional Information:

    Looking for an instant cold pack to help relieve pain and swelling? Look no further than Cardinal Health! Our cold packs are available in two sizes, medium and x-small, to fit your needs. Plus, our bulk option is perfect for those who need a lot of relief.


    Instant Cold Pack Faqs FAQs

    Does an instant cold pack need to be put in the refrigerator?

    Instant cold packs do not need to be put in the refrigerator. They are built to be used at any moment by chemical activation that changes the temperature of the pack.

    Is it better to use ice or cold packs?

    The cold pack can get colder than ice can and will not melt. Other than the temperature, both serve the same purpose of reducing swelling, pain, and inflammation. A cold pack is more convenient than ice as it can be packed away and activated in a doctor's office or in the woods.

    What are instant cold packs used for?

    Cardinal Health instant cold packs are used for minor injuries and sprains at schools, sporting events, and other events that require instant pain relief.

    Why are instant cold packs not reusable?

    Instant cold packs are activated by a chemical reaction. It is a single chemical reaction, that will occur once and then will need to be disposed of.