Alltrista Plastics Kova Slide Ii Microscope Slide




Alltrista Plastics Kova Slide Ii Microscope Slide

A four-chambered slide, available with or without grids.


  • Microscope slide with four individual examination chambers; each numbered chamber provides 0.15mm standard depth in which to examine a constant volume of urine sediment
  • Each chamber provides a standard depth so you can examine a consistent volume of homogeneous urine sediment
  • Disposable, optically clear, one-piece microscope slide
  • The slides reduce contamination hazards from potentially infective specimens and help prevent intermixing of samples


Country of Origin Unknown
Application Urinalysis Microscope Slide
Brand Kova® Slide II
Color Plain
Material Plastic
Manufacturer Alltrista Plastics LLC
Additional Information:

The Alltrista Plastics Kova Slide II Microscope Slide is a great choice for those looking for a reliable and durable microscope slide. This slide is made of high quality materials and is designed to last. It is available in two different options, each with different features. Option 1 comes with 4 chambered with counting grids, while option 2 comes with 4 chambered. Both options have 400 determinations.